White and Brick

I opted for a light color palette today. A-line skirts are my new obsession, and I incorporated it into my outfit quite casually today by pairing it with some black chucks and a denim vest. 

Denim vest- Thrifted from Platos Closet; Top- Urban Outfitters; Skirt; Topshop; Shoes- Converse; Bag- H&M; Sunglasses- Michael Kors

p.s: check out my ebay account soon for new items! i’m also still selling some other pieces here!

The Shoppe

While I was out and about and not intending to shop, I found a local thrift store with some amazing finds. I’ll be selling a few of the items I bought on my blog soon!

Outfit- crop top: Free People, chambray: Urban Outfitters, shorts: Brandy Melville, wedge sneakers: Steve Madden

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